Three tier architecture working

January 2011

Demonstration of link between the three-tier architecture: lightsim (not shown) handles flight dynamics, EVAP (on the right) allow the UAVs to decide their course, and a basic man-machine interface (on the left) shows the trajectories.


EVAP linked with lightsim Java simulator on Ivy bus. from François Legras on Vimeo.

EVAP running on GPU

September 2010

As part of the technical infrastructure for SUSIE, the INRIA/LORIA Maia Team uses the GPU in order to run EVAP (pheromone-based patrol algorithm). Several orders of magnitude better than classical implementations of this kind of computations!


Pheromone-based algorithm "EVAP" running on GPU from François Legras on Vimeo.

Prototype of Tabletop Interaction for Swarm Control

July 2010

This video illustrates the first working prototype of the SUSIE project. In this video, a very basic algorithm is used for the control of the swarm, the main point is to demonstrate tactile interaction.

SUSIE - Prototype Tabletop Interaction with Swarm from François Legras on Vimeo.

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