Cr@ck3n: a cyber alerts visualization object


BROSSET David4, MERINO LASO Pedro3,2,4, KERMARREC Yvon1,3, COSTE Benjamin2,4, CAVELIER Camille4

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Communication dans une conférence avec acte


CyberSA 2017 : International Conference On Cyber Situational Awareness, Data Analytics And Assessment (, IEEE / C-MRIC.org, 19-20 june 2017, Londres, United Kingdom, 2017, pp. 389-393, ISBN 978-0-9932338-2-1




With the increasing number of connected devices and given the complexity of computer networks, to identify cyber anomalies is more and more challenging. Either at home, in the work place or for military defense purposes a better cyber situation awarenness is needed. However, the visualization methods are often made for specialists and the information difficult to interpret. In this paper we describe an object made for the visualization of abnormal network events in a user friendly way using colors, sound and information scrolling. It is still under development but the first user feedbacks are encouraging.


1 : LUSSI - Dépt. Logique des Usages, Sciences Sociales et de l'Information (Institut Mines-Télécom-IMT Atlantique-UBL)
2 : ITI - Dépt. Image et Traitement Information (Institut Mines-Télécom-IMT Atlantique-UBL)
3 : Lab-STICC - Laboratoire en sciences et technologies de l'information, de la communication et de la connaissance (UMR 6285 - CNRS - IMT Atlantique - Université de Bretagne Occidentale - Université de Bretagne Sud - ENSTA Bretagne - Ecole Nationale d'ingénieurs de Brest)
4 : Chaire cyberdéfense systèmes navals (Ecole Navale, IMT-Atlantique, THALES, DCNS)



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