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Petite mathématique du cerveau

Une théorie de l'information mentale

Author(s) : Claude BerrouVincent Gripon

Published on September 13th, 2012

    Abstract About the neuron, the fundamental component of the brain, we know almost everything. Of the mental information it processes, we know almost nothing. In what "material" form and according to which internal organization does our brain store familiar faces, favorite poems and phone numbers? In what way does it recall them on demand? These questions which have to do with mental information come under information theory, originally formulated by specialists in telecommunications and coding rather than under biology and neuroanatomy.

This very accessible book brings a first concrete, mathematically coherent and biologically plausible answer on the way the neural network sets and recalls its knowledge components. In an original theory get involved neurons and graphs, error correcting codes and cortical columns, neural "cliques" and other "tournaments", in search of the algorithms of our brain. The prospects of development offered by this theory and the entirely digital model of cerebral memory it leads to are numerous and promising in neurosciences, as well as in the field of artificial intelligence.


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