Last updated 04.03.2014

A major challenge for digital cities is to develop future-proof and broadband wireless access solutions in public transports (trains, tramways). CapilRTram is investigating on high-speed wireless connectivity along the tramway line in Brest, so that Wi-Fi access can be delivered inside the tram carriages in mobility. 

The vast majority of existing solutions in trains are based on costly mobile and/or satellite technologies with limited data rates and roaming issues. To overcome these limitations, the solution explored in CapilRTram exploits a dedicated optical communication network infrastructure for interconnecting tramway stations with future-proof and broadband technologies. Communication between stations and carriages in motion is established by Wi-Fi links at 5 GHz. Embarking wireless routers within carriages enables reductions in electromagnetic radiation and energy consumption of mobile terminals.

Telecom Bretagne was commissioned by Brest Métropole to design and validate a solution for Wi-Fi connectivity along the tramway. For that purpose, the Optics, Microwave, Networks, Security and Multimedia departments of Telecom Bretagne work in close collaboration with several industrial partners including MOXA, ALSTOM and KEOLIS.

The main technical issues range from radio engineering (radio propagation and regulation constraints)  and network aspects such as mobility management (Wi–Fi mobility and/or cross-systems mobility i.e. enabling seamless connectivity through Wi-Fi and 4G).

An experimental platform was deployed in February 2014 on three stations (Liberté, Siam, Château) in the city centre and two carriages to test the proposed solution. This platform will enable Telecom Bretagne and its partners to test innovative solutions and meet the needs of research and education.


Project Presentation - May 2013

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