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All weather, night and day capacity with high spatial resolution coverage are a trademark of SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radars) and provide an invaluable source of information. This technology is nowadays present in all coastal monitoring dealing with environmental concerns (for instance, Pan-European CleanSeaNet services for the monitoring of marine oil pollution), maritime security (e.g., MARISS Scaling up) and spatial oceanography e.g., Coastal Oceanography Cluster, IFREMER). Scientific and economic exploitation of satellite SAR radar images requires a mix of research labs with experts in oceanography, in radar technology, in optical/infra-red data acquisition and in signal and image processing. This mingling is brought by several Breton laboratories working in these fields, which is quite unique in France. These meeting of competences is united around the large research instrument, the receiving ground station VIGISAT – augmented by this AMISAT project. It will allow federating, around the Breton scientific community, the national remote sensing community, by the increase capacity of data acquisition and processing and consequently the development of applications.

Maritime security has become in the last 10 years a major concern for the States, justified by the increase in maritime traffic, the terrorist risks, and the awareness of the environmental issues associated with oil pollutions and fish stock resources. In order to reduce the risks of major oil spills, oil dumping, illegal fishing, and piracy, one must – at the same time – regulates, raise a dissuasive pressure and observe the environment evolutions. Detecting and identifying ships, assessing their impact on the ocean and knowing their route, are the major elements for mission aimed to maintaining the maritime security. All these actions are based on reliable and usable satellite acquisition technologies and operational methods, at a global level.

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